Foreign Lust

by Parlour Panther

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released May 5, 2016



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Parlour Panther Vancouver, British Columbia

Parlour Panther makes gorgeous gritty rock with three way powerful vocals, danceable grooves and attention grabbing performance.

This Vancouver based band is in the midst of making their first LP with release plans for 2017.
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Track Name: The Healer
Take me back to an age
Where I could sail to the end of the world
With no map to guide my way
I would explore the last frontier

With no idea and no design
Maybe we wouldn’t walk such a fine line
Between what is right and what is wrong
Something we should have known all along

I found myself in a land
Where there was poison in the air
The healer held out his hand
And pulled the curse from my soul
Track Name: Renaissance
I’m losing my shit
Everything I thought I knew
Was wrong from the start
When I told you that I didn’t feel that way for you

Nothing can keep us apart
But I don’t know how to get to you
I knew we were more from the start You have stolen my heart

A fresh frame of mind
I know now what I must do
Your tender embrace
I will not resist the urge I have to long for you

I was so sure
That you felt more for me
I can’t let go
This is not the end of our story
Track Name: Starving Artiste
I’ve got to find myself a job
I need a way to pay my bills
Too proud to beg, steal or rob
But I’ll do it yeah I will

Cause you left me for dead

Landlord took away my home
Ain’t got no place to call my own
They give no worth to art you see
But there’s no one else I could be

Cause you left me for dead
As my body fills with dread

Wrong right wrong right
They just don’t care
Out of mind and out of sight
But we’re still there
Moving through to move on up
Ain’t got no choice
In this life you’ve got to get out
Or lose your voice

On the hunt to soothe my woes
Whatever salvation comes my way
As my desperation grows
I fight just to live my life everyday

Nothing could take the artist in me
I don’t care I do it for free
It’s not about the clothes that you wear
It all comes down to the flow of your hair
So walk with me and we’ll choose a different route
And all those suckers can lick my boot
Cause they’ll never know what it is to be free
Nothing could take the artist in me
Track Name: Stochasticity
Les sons que vous faites dans la
nuit me distraits
Je vous demande rien
vos levres me seduise

Vous me faites rougir
Je remplis de chaleur

Le desir etranger me ravage
En ce moment capitulation
La liberte d’identite de mon age
mon ame et le corps son finalement vivant.

Ma vie, toujours invisible
maintenant enflamme
Voyez, c’est indoubitable
j’ai trouve le soleil

Une variable aleatoire pourrait tout changer
Track Name: Electric
You make me feel electric
From my head to my toes
My whole world is spinning
As I take off your clothes
Oh don’t shy away girl
It’s your moment to shine
Let’s go through the motions
Going to make you mine

Your touch makes me feel I’m going insane
Any second I just might lose my brain

Your freckled lip has got me
In a bit of a bind
As our limbs entangle
It’s hard to unwind
So come on and let it loose girl
Want to see you move
By the dim of the lamp light
Together we’ll groove

My hands can’t keep up with my heartbeat
It’s like a race to the finish line
The taste of your skin girl is so sweet
Sends a shiver down my spine
Track Name: Compass
So much tragedy in this short life I’ve lived
I must set out in search of a home
Through the wilderness and through all the pain
I cannot find my dwelling place

North to South
East to West
There is no place for me to rest
For my soul is weary
And my mind is so tired
Ideas only good in theory will get you no where but lost

In all my travels I’ve been running from a ghost
But it followed me to the end of the world and back
It’s a strange existence to be fuelled by a hunger
That is so often left unsatisfied